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In senior soccer, on Saturday their advance Polvorín and Defensores del Sur will play at the Stadium. On Sunday, early because of the Federal Tournament A police operation, Juventud Unida will receive the leader Atlético Miramar. At regular times of 14:00 for 4th and 16:00 for 1st, the West classic will be played between Once Unidos and Los Santos (Stadium), Defensores de Miramar – Hipódromo (Saturio Blanco) and Amigos Unidos – South America (Alberto There) . Costa Azul is free.

With 8 goals: Thiago Lisarriturri (Deportivo Mechongué), Lucas Cabanilla (Defenders of Miramar) and Jerónimo Bertolini (Los Santos del Oeste)

With 8 goals: Alan García (Los Santos del Oeste), Jeremías Romero (Atlético Miramar) and Bautista Vásquez (Eleven United)

3rd) Los Santos del Oeste A (62 PJ) and Defensores de Miramar A (77 PJ) 115

For 64.3%, Alberto Fernández will win the October 27 election and will be the next Argentine president. This was revealed by a study by the Trespuntozero consulting firm, which ensures that the candidate of the Frente de todos gets a victory in the first round by more than 50% of the votes.

It is a report carried out between September 10 and 16 in the population over 16 years of age living in private homes with internet access through a home PC or smart cell phone. The confidence level is 95% with a sampling error of 2.8%. 1200 cases were taken as a sample, with the online Panel consultation system.

On the other hand, Alberto Fernández achieves a 52% intention to vote with projected undecided and Mauricio Macri just 34.5. Between the two, there is 18% that would leave the candidate of the Frente de Todos as the next president, without the need for a ballot.

Despite that 34.5% projected in votes, only 23.8 of those surveyed believe that Mauricio Macri will win and be reelected as Argentine president in the October 27 elections.

In addition, 60.2% put it solely responsible for the devaluation and subsequent economic crisis that was generated in the country. Strikingly, 23% of those surveyed maintain that the culprit for the fall of the Argentine peso is the Peronist candidate.

With a 4-1 win over Miter, the Albiazul settled as second in zone 1. Deportivo Alvarado has no problem. Just as he thrashed 4-0 at Los Andes, last in zone 1, he also had no major problem in doing the same with the first.

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